Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Ramblings

Can you believe it is Thursday already????? Wow, this week has really flown by. I figured since I haven't blogged in a few days, I would go ahead and drop off a layout I had done a couple of weeks ago. Two page layouts are really a challenge for me but I decided to plunge right on in and give it a go. I am not "in love" with it but I like it....KWIM?????

 Anyway, not much going on this week except for a fabulous football game and lot's of choir practice. Here, I will share a few pics of the kids.....

This was Abigail on Monday. She looked so cute so I just had to get my camera and take some pictures. She doesn't mind thankfully. She eats up the camera!!!! I wish I could say the same for my boys.

These were taken at Caleb's game Monday night. He got three tackles in and stopped the other team from scoring. I was so proud every time I heard his name called over the intercom. I wanted to stand up and say...."That's my boy....Yep, he's mine!!!!!" I refrained though. Wouldn't want to embarrass him to badly.

I wish I had a recent picture of Landon. I miss him terribly. I never knew how bad it would feel to have one of your kids graduate and leave! Sometimes my heart just aches because my family doesn't quite feel whole!!!! 

Oh well, that's enough out of me. Just wanted to touch base with all of you. I don't how far you actually read when looking at my blog. Some of my rambling is for me....I have to get it out!!!! I wish all of you a happy Thursday. I have some projects I am working on right now for The ScrapRoom so stay fun stuff!!!!!! Hugs to all xoxoxoxox

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~jan said...

Love your 2 pager, Kim! (I find them difficult to do as well) I love the banner treatment especially! Your daughter is beautiful and I laughed at the comment about your boys, I have 3 and get much the same looks! :)