Saturday, October 18, 2008


Ok, I must confess...I am a TWILIGHT fanatic!!!! I read all the books right before school started and I fell in love with a vampire named Edward. See, I told you I was a hopeless romantic.

Isn't he the most gorgeous new hottie to hit the big screen????? This is Robert Pattinson who plays Edward. When I read the books and envisioned what Edward would look like, I must say the director of the movie "nailed" this character. He certainly did not disappoint me and now I have this beautiful face for my beautiful Edward!

This is the first series of books that I could absolutely read over and over again. Then there is the movie....It comes out in November!!!!!!!

My parents came in town this past week. I had such a good time. I always hate to see them go but I am going to see them at Thanksgiving so that is just around the corner.

What else has happened....let's see, Oh how could I forget about Ike!!!!! Friday, Sept. 11th Ike hit us at about 1am. We lost power for 9 days!!!!! So we lived by candlight.

We had no tv, no computer, no air condition, no refridgerator, and no hair products (flat iron) for N I N E L O N G D AYS!!!!!!!!!

Fortunately I had a good friend who took in my groceries since she had a generator. We cooked together on the grill, fed the kids, drank lots of wine, and helped each other keep our sanity!!!! I thankfully had no damage to my home and I walked away from my first hurricane and got the t-shirt to prove it!