About Me

Hi, my name is Kim Arledge. I am a wife to Duane and a mother to Landon, Caleb, and Abigail. I am a transplant to the big state of Texas and have made roots here for a little over 7 years. In 2006, I was introduced to what would soon become my grandest obsession. I began with Creative Memories and very soon after, craved more and thus opened my eyes to a world I could have never imagined. This is how the story begins, but of course I am still writing it.
Other hobbies of mine include photography, reading paranormal romance novels and spending every available moment with my adorable family. I hope that with this blog, I can inspire and ignite the passion that I have for this glorious obsession of mine. I live and love with all of my heart and I hope that one day my family will see that through my work.
A few other random facts....I love coffee, sweet tea, rainy days, Pride and Prejudice, t-shirts and pajama bottoms, country music (although I love to throw in some Michael Buble' or Harry Connick Jr.) LSU football, and shopping shamelessly at Archievers.
If you ever have any questions feel free to email me...


                                                                        Until then, Peace, Love, and all things Crafty!!!!!!