Friday, September 16, 2011

My cup overflows....

When disappoint comes my way, it never takes long for me to find the silver lining. I know those little quotes can be so cliche' but, I really do try to think with the cup "half- full". I guess it comes from my mother...she never was the kind to dwell or waller in self-pity. I love that she passed that way of thinking to me. I have had 4 rejections in the past month....not just 1 but 4!!!!! It didn't really hit home for me until today. My daughter has been working on her campaign for student council this week. I watched and helped her all week long....but today after campaigning, giving her speech, hanging up posters with her campaign slogan....Abigail learned what it was like to be rejected. She didn't win!!!!! Oh, it killed me when she gave me the news. But guess what????? She told me that when she received the news that she did not make it, she excused herself to the bathroom, had a brief "cry session" and returned to her class composed and stoic. Wow!!!! After I held her and told her how sorry I was for her loss, I began to tell her how proud I was of her and to never quit trying!!!!

So guess what???? My 4 rejections are nothing compared to my daughter's 1. First of all, Abigail is like my walking breathing heart outside of my chest and when something hurts her, I feel all sorts of conflicting one hurts my babies!!!!! Second, I am so proud of her....I am so proud that even though she lost, she is ready and willing to put herself back out there again. And Third, what really makes my heart go pitter pat....she lives with her glass half full!!!!!! A lovely young woman after my own heart!!!!!

I think, sometimes, rejection can be a good thing. It makes you do a lot of self reflection...but it also makes me personally, want to step up my game. Learn, watch, and grow...and never never lose focus as to why I love what it is that I tell my story!!!!!

Now that I am through babbling on and are some layouts I have been working on...

(This layout was inspired by my friend Aphra Bolyer)
Enjoy and I hope you are inspired....Have a wonderful weekend!!!!! Hugs xoxoxox


Michelle said...

Fun LO's. I love the bright colors in the first one. Goes so well with your photos. And the second is just wonderful. Isn't Aphra so inspiring?!!
What a wonderful story. I am sorry to hear your daughter didn't make it, but what a great way to be. She handled it beautifully. I try hard to be more half full, then half empty kind of person. Someone once said in order to appreciate the good things, you have to have a few not so good.

Pamela said...

Rejection is never easy...but I do agree that we can learn from it and grow. And sometimes we are only receiving "rejection" (as we see it) because God has something else in mind for us. It's always important to remember that.

Your layouts are fantastic! I love them both!!! :)

Janet G said...

Oh my gosh! I just love your post, it is all so true. I too am a 1/2 cup full kind of person, learned it from my mom and hope I can pass it on to my children. I can so relate to the heartbreak we feel for our children it's 10 times worse than our own! Thank you so much for sharing your story with's so touching and inspirational. AND your LO's are wonderful too!!!! As Always!