Monday, April 4, 2011

SRM and Cosmo

Happy Monday everyone!!!! Are you suffering from Mon-day-itis like me? I am never very good when it comes to starting off my week. There is just something about giving up a perfectly good weekend and like most we do not want to give up a good thing.

Well, seems I have a little catching up to do. I just realized that I did not share a recent combo event that SRM stickers had with Cosmo Cricket. Can you imagine my squeal of delight when I received a fab box of goodies from Cosmo?????? Not only did they give me 1 new line, they gave me all 3 of their new lines!!!!!! Enough of my is the layout I used for the fab crossover event....

Lastly, here is an Easter project also done for SRM Stickers. You name it, they have it. Love these tubes and all the many creative ways to work with them. They work perfectly for any occasion.

That's all for now ....Hope you find your Monday more productive then mine.

Happy Scrappin'

1 comment:

Shona said...

love the layout and the gift tags :)