Monday, February 16, 2009

Current Events

Caleb got his first black eye! He was playing football with the neighborhood boys and was elbowed right in the kisser!!!!!!

My dear Abigail's birthday was Feb. 7th. The following Monday, she and I had Mother/Daughter day. I took her shopping, out to lunch at this Chinese restuarant we both love and then she had her nails done. It was a Great day!!!!!!! Here is one of her new outfits! She looks like she took a time machine to the 1980's. I love that some of my favorite fashions are coming back!!!!!!

Zebra stripes...You go Girl!!!!!!

This is my latest project. When I was home with my sister helping out with her new baby, I found this picture on her computer. I knew I had to have it so I loaded it up to my picture gallery and had it printed out for this little masterpiece. I can't wait for her to see it!

This is my tribute to my little sweethearts...Lauren (my niece), Abigail and Caleb. I found these papers at my local scrap store and knew I had to have them!

Abigail, Christmas tired after all of the excitement!

Ahhhhhh, then there is Valentine's son, Landon, wanted to do something special for his sweetheart. So he had me pick up some fleece material with the A&M logo. His sweetie wants to go to college there. I had a neighbor show me how to make this into a blanket....easy peasy because there was no sewing involved. Just snip and tie! I showed Landon how to put it together and he did it with his own 2 BIG hands. How sweet is that!!!!!!! Boy, I raised a good one! I took this picture before he left the house to bestow his lady love with all of her goodies.
Last but not least, one of my sweet gals from my circle of friends on sent me this award. Thanks Debbie! I am to pass this on to five other ladies...First I will have to see who has not received this prestigous award! Have a Good One!!!!!! Hugs and Kisses, Kim

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