Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crafts for Kids

Hi scrappers!!!! I just wanted to go over a few little or big projects that I have done recently with my daughter. They were such a success at my daughter's school that I thought I would pass them on to you.

First was 9-11 Remembrance day. The school wanted the kids to learn about 9-11 and wear Red, White, and Blue. I had the blue covered from the sweater Abigail was going to wear but I needed some Red and White. So, I dug into my scrap supplies and decided to make Abigail a pin to wear. And this is how it turned out....

Now just to let you know, I had some pin backings lying around from some old Prima Flower packages and since I never throw out anything because "You never know when you will need it"...I hot glued it to the back of my paper and Viola!!!!! All paper products are by Bo Bunny.

Now on to the next Kid's Craft....and I say that because Abigail was instrumental in putting this whole project together. I am a firm believer in letting the kids have the largest contributions to their projects. I have seen one time to many where kids show up to school with projects that do not even resemble a child's work. Really, it is not hard to be a part of the creative process but let the kids have the hands on experience....they will remember it forever!!!!!!

Stepping off my soap box....Abigail was running for Student Council, so we, yes we decided on a Gimmick to help Abigail out during the campaign process. Her theme was " 'A' is for Abigail, your Absolute choice for Student Council". Now, because I have the awesome privilege of serving on the dt for SRM Stickers, Abigail and I decided that she could hand out some sort of Campaign treat for the kids in her class....and this is what we came up with......

I hope you are inspired to explore your craft room the next time your kids are in need of a little crafty assistance. It can be so much fun to play with your kids and they will remember it forever!!!!

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The Scrappy Tree said...

These are so fun! Good luck to your daughter! :)