Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hello!!!! I just wanted to drop off my latest project. Becky Fleck of PageMaps allowed me to work on one of her sketches!!!! I was beyond excited since I consider Becky to be one of the "Super Stars" of the scrapbooking industry. I have been a fan of PageMaps for several years now and it has pulled me out of many scrappy ruts when the mojo was just not flowing. So if ever you need some inspiration or a blueprint for a starting point, head on over to PageMaps for a wealth of direction.


Frances said...

Wowee KIM!!!! I love this layout...the clean lines and the tag at the it!!

Aphra said...

Oh, wow, Kim! How fabulous to be able to work on one of her sketches. Congrats! And your layout is fabulous. :)