Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday My Precious Daughter!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be my beautiful baby girl's 8th birthday. I can't believe time has gone by so fast! It seems just like yesterday I was bringing her home and holding her in my arms. She is my last baby and the only girl, so needless to say, she is rotten. Although we spoil her with lots of love, she is not only beautiful on the outside but also beautiful on the inside. Abigail is full of love and compassion for others, always eager to please, and carries a constant song in her heart. She has taken on her mother's love of scrapbooking but can play rough with her brothers just as if she were one of the boys! Happy Birthday my precious make me so happy!!!!!!

This is a layout of Abigail making her Gingerbread house at her school. I thought she did a pretty good job...She's so creative!!!!!

Pulled this idea from an old scrapbook magazine (can't remember which one). I liked the design because it gave me an opportunity to use more than one picture. This was back in June while we were at a swim meet with my oldest son. Good thing there was a park near by because there is always a long lag time between competitions.

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