Friday, February 8, 2008

My Mother, My Friend

I was thinking last night about my mother. Here in the last week she has been having blood pressure problems. This is a hard pill to swallow because my mother is invinsible (at least in my eyes). It really scares me to know that she is having problems like this. Studies always say that women are now at a higher risk for heart attacks, strokes, and high blood pressure due to the enormous amount of stress they carry. Why is it that we as women just can't let things go. We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders through out the day and cannot even turn off or tune out at night when trying to get a "good night's sleep". My mother has worked since I was a child but it never stopped there. She worked outside of the home and as soon as she would get home she would immediately switch from "working woman" to "homemaker". I don't think she ever sat down, much less took time just to RELAX. Now that she is in her mid fifties, I would love to see her take life much easier. She has definitely payed her dues as a wife, daughter, and mother. I think that a woman's work is never done. God made us such unique creatures with such a load to awesome responsibility but hard none the less. I adore my mother, she is my Hero and my best friend. She is a shining example to follow and I hope that I will grow more like her everyday.

Here is a letter I presented my mother on Mother's Day 5 years ago! Wow...time goes by so fast!!!! I love you Momma...please take time to enjoy life, slow down, you deserve it!!!!!!

Dear Momma,

As I thought about what to give you for Mothers Day, I also thought about what kind of card I could get or what I could possibly say to give you honor on this day. I wanted to remember all the reasons why you are so special to me. Then I wondered...what would my kids say about me when they are grown and have families of their own? What will they remember about me? Well, I hope it goes a little something like this because this is how I remember you.

As a child I can remember you always being there. I remember the clothes that were hand made or all those home cooked meals that were always on the table. I can remember days when we would play outside, exercise to Jane Fonda or sit and talk for hours around the dinner table. You were always there to take us back and forth to after school functions and even though you were a working mom I can always remember you just being there when we needed you most.

As a teenager...what can I say? You just loved me!!! Through the good times and the bad you loved me unconditionally and you never made me feel less than what you knew I could be. You never recalled past errors, instead you were merciful and kind, always looking forward and never looking behind.

What I really want you to know is what you have meant to me for the 30 years of my life. When I think of a hero or a role model to follow after, it has always been you. You are the person that I want to be like. If I can have half of your strength and an ounce of your courage then I will have accomplished a giant task. If I could show the love and compassion that you have shown to me and to others than I can say that I am complete. If I can become the mother that you were and still are than I will be the woman you raised me to be. Every good thing that you see in me is because of you. One day you told me that I have a gift because of the relationship that I have with God, but can you see that our steps are ordered by God and He sent me to you. He knew that you would mold me into half of the person that He had called me to be...the other half was left up to Him. So, can you now see that you are the one that is special because he knew how much love you would give to me and you will be blessed for being the instrument of God.

I can remember back to the time that you were fighting your biggest battle of all and you know what that is. I remember telling God that if He was going to take you home than please just come back and take us all. I just could not fathom the thought of living in a world without you in it. I believe He spared you because there is still work for you to do. As hard as I try there are still no words that can compare to my love for you. So on this day, May ll, 2003, I want to tell you Happy Mothers Day. You are by far the greatest Mother in the world and I thank God all the time for giving you to me. Do you remember the day of my wedding? I know that you still feel bad about not being there to help me with my dress. Well, that moment is not what is most important. Do you remember the song I had them play for you? That song says exactly what I still think and feel about you today...You are The Wind Beneath My Wings.

I Love you always...Your loving daughter...Kimberly Dawn

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Darlene said...

Kim, I hope your mom is doing better..I will keep her in my prayers. My mom and I have the same relationship - she is my rock. You letter was very touching and reminded me so much of my own mom.

Your layouts are beautiful!