Monday, May 16, 2011

My Weekend (photo heavy)

This weekend was amazing!!!!! So many wonderful memories. If you love to scrap, never forget to take time and enjoy the moments that you scrap makes the photos all the more Priceless!!!!!!

First there was Prom!!!! My son Landon is a Senior this year and was very blessed to take part in his Senior Prom. I enjoyed every moment...from the getting ready part (which is fast for a young man) to the little mini photo shoot that mom demanded!!!! LOL!!!!! They were so good and cooperative about posing for me. Take a look.....

Next, Me, Duane, Caleb, and Abigail were invited to hang out with some friend at their lake house. Abigail got to ride on a jet ski for the first time and you better believe I had my camera! LOL!!!! We enjoyed a beautiful day with friends!!!!

 Well, that was how my weekend went down. It was so wonderful to enjoy time with my family.

Please have a wonderful day!!!!

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LISA said...

What a wonderful weekend you had!! So nice to get away and enjoy family and friends!! Your son is VERY handsome!! Great pictures that will someday spark what looks like very happy memories!