Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just another day...

Well my 365 project has been slightly delayed. At about 4 am yesterday morning I am nudged awake by my 12 year old son who is very sick with a tummy ache. That tummy ache turned into an all day stomach flu. Poor baby was so sick and I could do nothing but fetch his gatorade and try to make him comfy.

Today I have been somewhat productive. Whipped out 2 layouts in nothing flat. Dear hubby exchanged my library books for another one that I had on reserve. Dear son stayed home with fever today so I have been keeping watch over him. I am sure more work is ahead when the other 2 kiddos get home from school but as for now, I will just enjoy the moment.

Landon and Madisyn during her last visit to see us. She is such a ham and so much fun!!!!

This was a picture I captured of Momma and Abigail during the Christmas break. Abigail adores her mamaw. As a matter of fact the other night without being prompted, she got my phone and texted her mamaw and they had the sweetest conversation. I love that my kids love their grandparents.

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