Sunday, January 10, 2010

Missing Home

Here lately I have been missing home! I love my Louisiana roots and I want to one day go back. There is nothing like the beauty of the bayous!!!!

or how about those Tigers!!!!! Geaux LSU!!!!!!

What about the lovely, lucious, smooth, silky voice of Harry Connick Jr., New Orleans born and bred!!!

Last but not least, cajun crawfish...Louisiana is known for the best food in the world!!!!!! Yummy!

Yeah, I hope to one day go home. I like Texas but my home is where my heart is and that will always be Louisiana!!!!!!


Vel said...

I've never been to Louisiana but you make it sound and look beautiful. The bayou has always scared me...maybe the prospect of falling into gator-infested water...creepy! hahahaha But I would love to visit one day.

Vel said...

Kim...I just read the news at Bella Blvd. I'm so very excited for you! Congrats!