Thursday, January 28, 2010

Checking In...

Yes, I am still alive, just been busy with a few things this week. First of all, I discovered that my camera is broken and needs to be repaired. I have an older version of the Canon Rebel so I am trying to convince my husband that this is the perfect time for an upgrade. Next, my kids lives are getting crazy busy! My teenager has been hired on to one of our local grocery stores and had to attend orientation and training after school and track practice. My daughter has school choir, Awanas and tutoring. Soon my younger son will start baseball and my girl will play soccer. This is just the beginning of what my days are soon to look like.

(Here's my dream camera...isn't it dreamy???!!!)

I'm a practical kind of girl, so I was really excited over some new tires for my van. They were sooooooo bad and I felt really unsafe on the roads. The next day, my husband took my van to the dealership for some minor repairs...thank God for warranties. Today was dr. visit for me, pick up kids and get van inspected. Not to mention that I have my parents coming along with my sister and niece tomorrow and have yet to start cleaning to my desired specifications for when the folks come to visit....not that they are really picky. Geesh, I am tired just thinking about this week. Now who said Stay At Home Moms do nothing all day???? hmmmmmmm!!!!

Anyways...stay tuned for Creative Scrappers this Sunday. A new sketch and new designs are right around the corner. I just know you will be as inspired to scrap your beautiful memories once the sketch is revealed!!!!!

Here's one for the road....a fab picture of my son and his best friend right before the homecoming dance. They are always entertaining to say the least!!!! Have an awesome weekend!!!!!

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