Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday, Retirement, and Twilight Parties...I am all partied out!!!!

WhoooHooo...Landon turned 17 on Saturday, March 14th. Can I say that I feel old???? We celebrated by going out to the Olive Garden, his favorite resturant with his friends. I can't believe my baby is getting so BIG!

Daddy retired officially on Feb. 28th. I went home this past week to celebrate his retirement by attending a ceremony in his honor at City Hall. It was a bittersweet moment. I am truly proud of my daddy and all he has accomplished. He has worked hard for many years and deserves this opportunity to REST!

Daddy was presented with his retirement badge by the Chief of Police.

Speech, Speech.....

The Gang's all here minus my husband who had to work.

I thought I would at least throw in a few scrap pages. The top one is of my son and his girlfriend, Victoria. The bottom layout is for a new group I have joined where we scrap our older pics...Flashback Fridays. I raided my mom's stash of pictures when I went home so now I will have lots to choose from for the next challenge. Can't Wait!!!!! I already pre-ordered Twilight but my niece, who looooooves Edward along with the rest of us Twilight fans wanted to attend one of the Twilight parties at Wal-Mart. It started at 11pm and we stayed til 1am. Crazy, I know but the girls will never forget it.

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