Sunday, March 29, 2009

An All American Sport...Baseball

Baseball...the all American sport. It's as American as Mom's apple pie. I never saw what the big hoopla was about until now!!!!! My youngest son, Caleb, signed up to play ball for the first time. I dreaded the venture because I knew it would be extremely time consuming and that I would be the one to taxi him to all the practices and games among all the other things I have to do. Little did I know that as Caleb began to fall in love with the game, so would I. I just looooove watching the game. My heart races, my body shakes, and the butterflies go into a frenzy in my tummy. I can't wait to see who is going to make it to first base, who will strike out, and who is going to catch that fly ball. After an early morning game, Caleb and I went to Blockbuster. One of the little guys on his team reminded me of "Wild Thing" from Major League with his dark rimmed glasses. Then it became my mission to rent all things baseball. I so wanted to keep the momentum going.
I loved this movie but my Blockbuster doesn't even carry it!!!!! Can you believe that???? And who wouldn't want to watch it just to sing and chant along to "Wild make my heart sing..." I have to say, I can't believe I didn't have a better appreciation for the sport just for the uniforms alone. Makes me wonder if they had females in mind when creating the baseball know, the tight pants and all.Ok, where was I...oh I know (getting lost in the haze of butts, baseball, and Charlie Sheen) Anyway, I had never seen For the Love of the Game. I know, I can't believe it either. My brother in law loves it and him being all manly and all, I figured it must be a good baseball movie Caleb could watch. Wrong....not enough baseball action for him but a great love story for me. Oh and Kevin Costner....Geesh, what a hottie in this movie. Again, the baseball uniform looked mighty good on him too. Poor Caleb, he will just have to let Momma endulge for just a few hours.

Kevin looking luscious in his uniform!!!!! Yummy!

Aside from great movies, in the land of the real world, Caleb landed his first double today. That's baseball talk for, he made it to second base after hitting a line drive right down the middle of the field. I'm learning!!!!!! I was so proud of him! After the game Caleb's coach dedicated the game ball to Caleb for working so hard and progressing so fast in his first year of baseball. What an honor!
As for scrappy stuff, I have a few more new pages to share. Isn't funny how the seasons change the mood or color of your layouts. I am really feeling these bright colors and pastels. So, I found Caleb and Abigail's spring portraits from school last year and knew I had to scrap them.

This next one is about Abigail's birthday outing. We had a Mom and Me day full of shopping, lunch, and painted nails. We had a blast!!!!!

And lastly, I shot this picture of Caleb at one of his practices. I love the new lines by Cosmo Cricket. This particular one is from the Lil' Man collection. Very fun for the special boy layouts and I thought this one was a great ending to my tribute of all things BASEBALL!!!!!!

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