Monday, April 9, 2012

Did you Know????

Hi Friends!!!! Did you know that I was published in the November issue of Scrapbook Trends? Needless to say I was thrilled to see my work in print!!!!

Did you know that I once studied for Nursing???? I currently have 70 hrs. towards an associate's nursing degree. But, my disc herniated and things kept getting worse with my back that I decided to just put that dream on the back burner. Now I don't see me ever finishing, but I will always have a love for medicine and the nursing profession.

Did you know that after living in Texas for almost 8 years now, I finally took pictures of one of my children in the Bluebonnets???? I knew my boys would never want to sit and pose in the flowers so I grabbed Abigail after school the other day and drove over to a patch of Bluebonnets.

Did you know that I am a closet smoker??? I feel like those women from long ago who would only smoke in the privacy of their own homes and "Lord forbid if anyone found out". Yes, I am a closet smoker and am in the process of trying to quit. It is a tough battle but I am making great strides.

So, I think in an effort to try and purge myself of my thoughts, dreams, habits (good or bad), and desires, I am going to have "Did you Know" Mondays. I think as women, we  need each other for support and kindness...truth and love. We need to let each other know that in this journey we call life, that we are not alone.

I hope you have a wonderful start to a fabulous week ahead!!!! Get creative, get inspired, or go to a quiet place and find your inner artist that allows you to craft, scrap, paint, or whatever your heart desires!!!!!


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