Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Resting Period

Hello to all my Scrappy Friends!!!! I just wanted  to fill you in on what has been happening in my life these days. The last month has been really exhausting. Just to name a few brother got married at a beautiful plantation home in Natchez, MS....

My parents came to visit and brought my nieces with them for me to enjoy.....

A very dear first cousin of mine passed away suddenly due to an unforeseen heart condition. He was only 36 and had gotten a new lease on life from past mistakes. My heart ached to see such a young spirit leave this world so early.

My health has been giving me fits....nerve pain in my both of my legs due to 2 back surgeries and multiple spine injections. The pain can really wear me down sometimes....which has lead me to the conclusion that I need to slow down a bit. At least until I can come to terms with a few things.

Spring break was spent in Louisiana with family...we had a wonderful time!!!! I took my art supplies with me and created 3 canvases for all 3 of my nieces.

So, that is what I have been up to. I have a few more things up my sleeve that I will be sharing soon. But, overall I will be trying to pace myself...slow things down and work on "me" a little bit. I am finding more facets of myself that I am embracing. Learning to love who I am now and trying to appreciate the good days.

Hugs to all of you!!!!!

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Caryn S said...

Hello Kim. I popped over from the Imaginisce blog to see your blog and projects. What a month you have had! I am sorry about the health issues and the death in your family. It seems like the rest has been delightful though. I am really fascinated by the canvases you have done and want to know more about those.