Monday, September 28, 2009

On the Mend

Hey Folks....been flat on my back for a while. I even made a trip to the ER in a real live ambulance. Cool huh????? NOT!!!!! Seriously, I have a herniated disc AGAIN!!!!! I had surgery nearly 2 years ago and I had hoped I would not have to repeat this process for a while but unfortunately things did not go as I had planned. Oh well, it is what it is and life goes on. Tomorrow is my 5th MRI since this all began 3 years ago and as usual, I am not looking forward to it. I do not wish this kind of pain on my worse enemy, well maybe just a little...LOL!!! Enough of me...I just wanted to drop off some new stuff...that's me, always sharing!!!! I will be glad when I can get back to my table to work up some more magic. Until then, Enjoy!!!!!


Vel said...

Holy geez, Kim, that's gotta suck big time. Hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you!

Shazza said...

Hi Kim,

Hope you feel better soon. You might want to do some scrapping whilst you are recovering :)

Just letting you know that the new criteria has just gone up for my challenge sites for October.
Would love you to join us this month :)

ARTastic =
Inspiration this month comes from Vincent van Gogh's 'Starry Night'


From Screen 2 Scrap =
Inspiration this month comes from the movie poster 'Night at the Museum'

International scrappers welcome :)

Don't forget to become a follower of my challenge blog sites, that way you get all the updates and info :)


An Zeelmaekers said...

waw, they are great!! i like your work...