Monday, April 27, 2009

All by Myself...rantings of a railroaders wife!!!

I feel like a sad country song in the making. I am visualizing this image of Renee Z. in Bridget Jones Diary singing "All by Myself".

Now I know how the wives of military families feel when they have to send their husbands off for months at a time.

Hard times are upon us due to the powers that be who have decided to continue making the rich richer while middle class America falls to the wayside. Hey, I have an idea...let's bail out the every day American, pay off existing is then put back into the banks, banks can lend again once the mortgage debts are covered, and the American people can feel free to start spending again. The economy will then get the boost it needs and production and distribution will be back in action allowing everyone to keep their jobs. Instead, money is (as usual) dispersed at the top and expected to trickle down. Ha, what a farse!!!!! Do you really think the rich are going to spread the wealth???!!!!!! Lord forbid that they be without their limos or jets. In the meantime families are losing, homes, health insurance, and self respect!!!!! Because big business has made their cutbacks, my mother has lost her job and my husband is being forced to work out of state, away from his home and kids, just to make ends meet. How much longer do the American people have to hold on before life as they know it is changed forever?

Ok, now that I got that out of my system!!!!! Seriously, I am doing good. Making the best of a bad situation (as always) and looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. (That's a southern thing by the way...we tend to throw out little slogans to make light of a dreary conversation.)

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Liz Qualman said...

We are seeing our friends and neighbors lose their jobs and move away. It is such a sad state of things right now for so many. I think our new administration is going to turn it around - we all just have to hang in there. Thanks for sharing. :) Liz