Thursday, March 17, 2011

All Boy!!!!

Awesome....another debut at SRM Stickers!!!! Today it's all about the boys. As I write this, the song from Footloose, "Let's hear it for the Boy....." is dancing around in my head!!!! As a mom of two boys, I am always looking for creative ways to scrap them especially now that I have two boys in their teens. You can't be too cutsey or they will have a fit!!! Oh boy, my southern slang is spilling out into my writing....bare with me please!!!!! Anyhoooo, I had this idea to play around with the whole outdoors theme and guess what....SRM Stickers has what????? Yes, they have stickers for outdoors events too. Let me show you what I mean....

Just look at how you can incooperate the stickers into your title....AMAZING!!!! I was super duper pleased with how this layout came together. And the cute zoo animals....the are from Sassafrass Lass....Perfect for this particular page that I was creating. So what have you learned today????
1. Scrap those Boys
2. Make them fun and not too CUTE
3. Grab your SRM Stickers and have some fun

Have a fabulous Day!!!!!

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