Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Out of the Office

Where have I been you ask???? Well, I am in the process of moving. Still living in Texas, just moving about 20 minutes away from where we currently reside. Don't worry, I will stay near my computer. No one can pry my little laptop from my little fingers!!!! LOL!!! So I will be checking in every chance I get. I should be all settled by February 28th.

On another note, I am asking all of you, my dear blogger friends, to please pray for my baby sisiter. Natalie has many times been the subject of my layouts. She and I are extremely close considering we are 10 years apart in age. She recently gave birth to her 2nd daughter. She returned home for only 2 days and was re-admitted to the hospital for an infection surrounding her incision from her c-section. The antibiotics are not working and her white blood cell count continues to accelerate. Now an infectious control doctor has been brought in to investigate and discover what is causing the infection and if it has spread elsewhere. She is missing her girls terribly and my heart aches for her so badly. So, all prayers will be greatly appreciated.

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