Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wow!!!! It has been a long time since I have updated this thing. I've had a lot going on here lately. The kids have been involved in all of their activities and my part time job felt like it never ended. Things are kind of back to normal...summer is here and lots of scrapping time on my hands. I love summer! It is kind of laid back and care-free like me. No schedules or pressing events!!!!
Thought I might post a few of my favorite layouts that I have done between April and now. This one is one of all three of my kids making silly faces. I really like the way this one turned out. It was a fun page with some really fun colors!

I love this next one of me and my hubby. Sometimes you can actually walk away and feel like you "nailed it" and this was one of those times. This was based on a sketch by Pencil lines...gotta love those gals!

This one is an absolute treasure! When I went home for spring break, I visited my grandfather and managed to get this fantastic shot. If you knew my grandfather you would know that he is not one to smile for the camera. But here we are, living proof that he actually can smile!

Last but not least, I have my daddy! He is a complicated man but has a heart as good as gold. You can't help but love him and his charismatic personality. I got my ability to talk to others easily from him. We never meet a stranger. He is complicated in the way that he keeps his truest feelings all bottled up inside. Quite the mystery that man! But I wouldn't change a hair on his head because reguardless of his good or bad traits, he is a wonderful father!

Well, I can't think of anything else...I would love to take my scrapping to the next level but don't quite know how yet. I think I am ready to start submitting again but I need a scanner or a better camera. But to be honest, the most fun I have with this hobby is sharing it with others like me. When I teach my classes, I get such joy out of showing the ladies new techniques or products. This has to be the best thing I think I have happened to stumble across and I am loving every minute of it!!!!

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