Friday, March 7, 2008

Picture the Moments

Ok, so I of course loooooove to scrapbook but I also love to dabble a little in photography. That's a no brainer considering you have to take the pictures to make the layouts. Anyway, I have been playing around for a while with certain shots. My most challenging is the action shots. My next camera purchase will be a SLR camera. Right now I have got my eye on the Cannon Rebel XTI. Here are some of my favorite pictures...

I have been trying to self educate on the whole techno lingo involved with cameras such as Dbi ,kb, or pixels. It all has to do with the size and quality. Maybe I need to take a 101 class for camera dummies. I just know that in order to submit my work, I have to figure all this stuff out! My goal is to be published someday. Not for money or for fame...just a little bit of self satisfaction for a job well done. We shall see.

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Darlene said...

beautiful pictures!